Vote to End Hunger

The Iowa Hunger Coalition is proud to partner with Vote to End Hunger to elevate the issue of hunger and food insecurity with candidates during the 2020 election cycle.

We asked all candidates for federal office in Iowa the following question: “If elected, what will you do to end hunger, alleviate poverty, and create opportunity in the U.S. and worldwide?”

US Senate | 1st District | 2nd District | 3rd District | 4th District

US Senate

Joni Ernst

Has not provided a response.

Theresa Greenfield

I believe every Iowan should have the opportunity to earn a good living and raise their family with dignity – and it’s personal to me. After my first husband died, I was a 24-year-old widow, with a 13 month-old and another one on the way. I relied on Social Security survivor benefits and hard-earned union benefits. You don’t get rich on Social Security, but I could sleep at night knowing I could keep the lights on and put milk in the fridge from my boys.

Right now, too many Iowans are working multiple jobs, but still struggle to cover the bills and buy the groceries they need – or even worse, out of job.

Here’s what I believe we need to do.

First, I have put out two plans to put workers first during this pandemic, including important steps to provide urgent economic relief and extend enhanced unemployment benefits.

Second, I support increasing the minimum wage, while also taking important steps that will help us create more good-paying jobs and boost wages. That includes investing in debt free community college and skills training, expanding access to capital for small businesses, and finally passing a robust infrastructure package.

Third, for those who still need it, I support increased funding for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and inviting folks who are receiving unemployed benefits to enroll in SNAP.

It’s not enough to say Iowans shouldn’t ever have to go hungry. We need to get results and create more opportunities so we can all get ahead.

1st Congressional District

Abby Finkenauer

Has not provided a response.

Ashley Hinson

Has not provided a response.

2nd Congressional District

Rita Hart

Has not provided a response.

Mariannette Miller-Meeks

Has not provided a response.

3rd Congressional District

Cindy Axne

Has not provided a response.

Bryan Jack Holder

Has not provided a response.

David Young

Has not provided a response.

4th Congressional District

Randy Feenstra

Has not provided a response.

J.D. Scholten

Has not provided a response.