Policy Priorities

Iowa Hunger Coalition membership has set the following policy priorities for the 2021 legislative session:

Protect Iowans’ ability to put food on the table

Reject barriers that take food away from Iowans, including work reporting requirements and ongoing, repeated eligibility verification checks.

Safeguard and enhance access to food

Ensure access to robust benefits through our safety net programs and promote solutions to simplify application and re-enrollment processes.

Include anti-hunger organizations in the Iowa Sales Tax Exemptions

Anti-Hunger nonprofit organizations such as food banks, pantries, shelters, and meal sites pay approximately $250,000 in sales tax annually—funds that could be used to feed more people experiencing hunger.

Incentivize donations to food banks and anti-hunger agencies

Current law provides a tax credit to farmers for donations they make to food banks and anti-hunger organizations, but the process is often perceived as cumbersome and prevents some from participating. A streamlined and simplified approach is needed to ensure maximum participation.

Promote the purchase and distribution of locally grown fresh produce

Farmers can provide fresh produce which would have otherwise gone to waste to Iowans in need, improving the nutritional options for Iowans facing hunger.

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