Action Alert: SSB 1105

Update: the February 2nd subcommittee meeting for SSB 1105 was postponed.

Yesterday saw the introduction of Senate Study Bill 1105, which targets SNAP and other public assistance programs. A subcommittee meeting for this bill has already been scheduled for Thursday, February 2, at 10:00am.

Please contact the members of the subcommittee for SSB 1105 today and tell them you do not support this harmful bill!

Sen. Jeff
Sen. Mark
Sen. Sarah Trone

One note on the subcommittee meeting tomorrow: you can testify remotely in the Senate via Zoom!

SSB 1105 is similar to House File 3, but is not identical. Some key differences:

  • SSB 1105 does not restrict the purchase of soda and candy from SNAP, nor does it include a $1 million appropriation for the Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) program.
  • SSB 1105 does not contain the sections on work requirements for the Medicaid expansion population or banning the use of pre-populated forms for Medicaid.

Unfortunately, SSB 1105 does include some very harmful provisions that are also in HF 3, including:

  • Establishing an asset limit of $2,750 for SNAP households, or $4,250 if there is at least one member of the household with a disability or age 60+. Families with more than one vehicle would especially be at risk of losing access to SNAP.
  • Requiring custodial parents to cooperate with the child support recovery unit in order to be eligible for SNAP. By definition, these are households with children. There is not a way to implement this policy without taking food away from children.
  • Requiring all public assistance program applicants to complete a computerized questionnaire to prove their identity and creating additional eligibility verification processes.

Please contact the members of the subcommittee for SSB 1105 today and tell them to put a stop to this harmful bill!

Keep up the great work, advocates!

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