Hunger is a policy choice.

Right now in Iowa, more than 300,000 Iowans struggle with food insecurity, the lack of access to enough nutritious food to lead a full and active life. That’s why food banks, food pantries, and dozens of other organizations have led the fight to ensure that every Iowan has all the food they need. And that’s why we formed the Iowa Hunger Coalition, an advocacy organization designed to bring our voices together into one, more powerful effort.

Hunger is a pervasive problem, affecting Iowans of all ages in every type of community. From the heart of our biggest cities to our most humble villages, Iowa children, families, and seniors are struggling. Working parents, disabled veterans, elementary school students, and Iowans of all types may not know where they’ll find their next meal. That’s why we exist. And that’s why we must work together so that we can work better.

When you join our fight, you will add your voice to a coalition of experts, advocates, and passionate volunteers who know how important our issue is. When we work together, we can do great things. When we advocate together, we can make great change. We can’t do it without you.


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